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Joint Replacement

For people with osteoarthritis, there comes a point when the pain in your knees, hips, or other joints becomes unbearable. You’ve done physical therapy, joint injections, and you’ve probably reduced your activity level significantly just to deal with the pain. You’ve tried everything to avoid needing a joint replacement, but nothing works anymore.

Osteoarthritis can develop from normal wear and tear as you get older, especially if you are still active in sports or exercise. Arthritis can also develop in joints that have been damaged from injury earlier in life. The pain from arthritis is caused by bone-on-bone rubbing as cartilage wears away inside the joint.

The decision to have a joint replacement procedure typically comes only after all other options have been exhausted. The surgeon will take into account your age, health profile, and desired activity level when considering a joint replacement.

If you are unsure about having joint replacement surgery, call McNeil Orthopedics for a second opinion.

McNeil Orthopedics offers replacement options of the shoulders, hips and knees. Advancements in modern surgical techniques have made joint replacement less invasive and more successful than ever before.  This technology makes replacement surgery much safer and faster, with a quicker recovery and fewer complications.

Joint Replacement Procedures We Perform

After joint replacement surgery, many patients return to normal activity within 6-8 weeks of surgery.

If you’ve reached that point when surgery might be necessary, please see us for an evaluation of your joint health. Contact McNeil Orthopedics in North Easton, MA today to schedule an appointment with either Dr. McNeil or Dr. McGonigle. Call (508) 205-9630 or you can request an appointment online at your convenience.

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