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Arthroscopic Surgery

In North Easton, Massachusetts, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Stephen McNeil can perform arthroscopic surgery to fix torn tissues in your joints. Arthroscopy is one of the most widely performed techniques used in orthopedic surgery today. It is especially useful for athletes with knee injuries who need to heal quickly and return to play.

The first arthroscopic examination of a knee joint was more than 100 years ago. The surgeons who pioneered the technique used it to diagnose joint damage, then they would use open surgery to repair the joint. Today, arthroscopic techniques allow surgeons to do both – diagnose and repair joint damage – without opening the entire joint.

The size of the arthroscope and the surgical instruments are small enough to fit through two or three tiny incisions. The joint space is filled with fluid, allowing the surgeon to magnify the anatomy on a computer screen. This is how the diagnosis is confirmed. Torn tissues can be fixed on the spot, and the surgeon can take before and after photos of the repair to show you what has been done.

Because the incisions are smaller, the clear advantage of arthroscopic surgery is faster recovery. The incisions heal nice and quick with minimal scarring. The risk of complications is greatly reduced compared to open surgery.

Learn more about shoulder arthroscopy and knee arthroscopy in our patient education center, and contact us for an appointment with one of our orthopedic surgeons.

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